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Yemeni Stamps: A Historical JourneyYemen Overprinted Stamps

Explore the captivating world of Yemeni philately through our curated collection. Divided into three distinct categories (filter by "country'), our stamps offer a glimpse into Yemen’s rich postal history:

North Yemen: Includes the stamps of the Kingdom of Yemen which was formed after the withdrawal of the Ottoman Empire and which became the Yemen Arab Republic in 1962, triggering a civil war between Republican and Monarchist factions. North Yemen is listed in the Scott and Michel catalogs as "Yemen".

Kingdom of Yemen (Civil War Issues): During the 1962-1970 North Yemen Civil War the monarchist government in exile in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia issued stamps as the "Mutawakilite Kingdom of Yemen". These stamps coexisted with those of the Yemen Arab Republic (North Yemen).

South Yemen: Before 1967, the British Empire ruled this part of the Arabian Peninsula through the Protectorate of Aden. In 1967, the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen proclaimed its independence and aligned itself with the Soviet Union. It issued stamps from 1968-1990. North & South Yemen were unified in 1990 to form Yemen.

We catalog most issues using the Michel Gulf States catalog. In some cases, we also refer to the Scott catalog. Join us on this philatelic journey, where each stamp tells a unique story of Yemen’s past

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